Top 10 Tools To Gain TikTok Followers Fast

Rebekah Carter

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2022

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Gaining TikTok followers is the number one goal of many businesses in today’s social media landscape. Though TikTok may have begun as a novelty platform, popular specifically among the younger generation, it’s rapidly evolved into a powerful environment for reaching all kinds of customers. As of January 2021, the app had more than 850 million downloads.

Whether you’re an aspiring TikTok influencer, a business looking to connect with customers on a more authentic level, or a thought leader, TikTok could be crucial to your strategy. All you need is the right tools to leverage this platform correctly.

Just as there are software solutions out there for companies, which provide them with conference call service, or track down Facebook analytical insights, there are great tools for earning TikTok followers, too.

Why You Need More TikTok Followers

Followers are crucial on any social channel. The more TikTok followers you gain, the more likely it is your brand will grow. TikTok followers are incredibly valuable in growing your brand’s reputation and credibility. When people see thousands of other fans already following you online, they’re far more likely to trust your business.

As a brand, TikTok followers can:

  • Improve your reach: TikTok followers can share your videos and hashtags with other people who might not encounter your content naturally. This means better brand reach.
  • Enhance your image: The higher your number of followers, the better your credibility becomes. TikTok followers help you to develop trust and boost your presence in the TikTok search engine.
  • Increase conversions: More followers mean more people engaging with your business on a regular basis. You can nurture every potential follower into a paying customer

As an influencer, TikTok followers:

  • Make you a more appealing partner: If you’re looking for brands to partner with, a high follower count will help you to capture more attention.
  • Strengthen your appearance: A high number of TikTok followers makes you look more credible and professional in your industry.
  • Builds relationships: The more TikTok followers you have, the more likely you are to connect with companies, potential investors, and partners.

TikTok followers are crucial to your success in the world of social media. Here are some tools to help you earn TikTok followers fast.

1. SocialPros

If you’re tired of waiting for free TikTok followers to land on your profile, you can work with a company like SocialPros and pay to get more views, likes, and followers. The service is pretty straightforward. You choose a package you like based on the number of followers you want.

SocialPros will ask for your social username and immediately send followers to your profile. According to SocialPros, each order is handled exclusively by social media experts.

Features include:

  • Multiple pricing options
  • SSL secured checkout experience
  • Instant delivery from social experts
  • Access to likes, followers, and views

Pricing: Prices start at $6.50 for 250 TikTok followers and go all the way up to $79.50 if you want 5,000 followers straight away.

SocialPros buying TikTok followers page

Why Use This Tool: Although all the followers you get from SocialPros might not be tailored to your industry, you will get a quick and easy boost to your profile’s credibility.

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2. TikFuel

TikFuel is a popular solution for earning TikTok followers, because it comes with a free service, although users can only access it once. You’ll get 125 free TikTok followers for your profile at the press of a button. If you’re happy with the service, you can buy more followers.

TikFuel for free TikTok followers

TikFuel promises quality followers because they don’t use bots. There’s also an option to complete tasks online to earn points that convert into followers. This is great if you want free TikTok followers.

Features include:

  • No bots, only quality followers
  • Collect points to earn followers
  • Views and likes also available
  • Huge discounts on buying followers
  • Secure payment option

Pricing: You can get a lot of features for free from TikFuel, including up to 125 followers. The company also runs a lot of discounts and sales. On average, 100 followers will cost around $8, while 500 costs $32.

Why Use This Tool: If you want to boost your social presence fast, but don’t have a lot of money, you can earn points for followers without spending anything.

3. Tokmatik

Another popular choice among TikTok users, Tokmatik allows users to buy TikTok followers, views and likes in a matter of minutes. You can buy followers for as little as $2.49, and Tokmatik promises all followers are 100% genuine – with no bots.

tokmatik homepage

Like many of the top tools on the market today, Tokmatik promises instant delivery, so you can start developing your online presence as quickly as possible. There’s also the option to get 100 likes or views for free.

Features include:

  • Free likes and views option
  • Instant delivery
  • Support from a dedicated team
  • Cheap prices

Pricing: For followers on TikTok, pricing starts at around $4.99 for up to 100 high-quality followers. There’s no password required to get started. There are various package options available, ranging up to 750 followers for $22.49.

Why Use This Tool: Tokmatik is a cheap and simple way to gain TikTok followers, with instant delivery and 24/7 support available from customer service.

4. BoostMyTikTok

Promoting your TikTok account and gaining new followers is simple with BoostMyTikTok. The service is similar to many of the options covered here so far, offering various packages to increase your views, followers, and likes. There are also custom plans available.

BoostMyTikTok tool

Unlike many TikTok follower tools, the BoostMyTikTok site prides itself on amazing customer service. The team will stick with you to help you grow from the moment you make your first purchase.

Features include:

  • Content on how to go viral
  • Instant follower delivery
  • Like or view packages
  • Custom packages available

Pricing: The amount you spend on BoostMyTikTok will depend on the number of followers, likes, and comments you want. You can buy up to 5000 followers for $80 and create custom packages to suit your needs too.

Why Use This Tool: If you want more than just TikTok followers, for an affordable price, BoostMyTikTok has you covered. The solution offers packages for TikTok Shares, Likes, Comments, Auto views, and even TikTok Live

5. AutoTokker

AutoTokker claims to be the best-automated service for gaining real views, followers, and engagement with targeted AI solutions. The service allows you to buy followers, views, and likes quickly and easily, using a bot service.

AutoTokker for tiktok followers

The AutoTokker bot seeks out potential followers with the follow/unfollow strategy. This means you follow accounts that may be interested in your content to grab their attention, then unfollow the same users later, to keep your follower/following ratio high.

Features include:

  • Intelligent automation
  • Follow/ unfollow service
  • Auto-like posts and comments
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Free 4G Proxy
  • Analytics and Geographic targeting

Pricing: Prices are based on the amount of time you spend using the AutoTokker bot. Options begin at $29 per month and range up to 6 months.

Why Use This Tool: AutoTokker earns you real followers with the help of artificial intelligence. You’ll even be able to target specific customers based on their location.

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6. TikFans

Designed to deliver free TikTok followers to all kinds of social accounts, TikFans promises free engagement from a huge online community. You can use the service to boost the impact of your account with a simple tool for following and unfollowing potential fans.

free tiktok followers with tikfans

The service promises to be 100% safe and secure, with no bots or fake accounts to worry about. The solution doesn’t require a password for your TikTok account, either.

Features include:

  • Real followers, no bots
  • TikTok follower generator with no survey
  • Secure performance
  • Fun, fast, and easy to use
  • Free

Pricing: The TikFans service is free to use, so you can start building your presence on TikTok immediately, even if you don’t have a huge budget.

Why Use This Tool: TikFans is one of the few community-focused solutions for earning free TikTok followers which actually allows businesses to start growing for free.

7. TokUpgrade

TokUpgrade is a service offering to enhance your “organic” growth on TikTok. When you create an account, you get support from a specialist to help you target the right potential followers. You then use a variety of strategies to attract people to your profile who actually care about your brand.

TokUpgrade will like the post of people who follow profiles like yours, which should help to bring more real people back to your content.


Features include:

  • Easy targeting features
  • Support from a customer service team
  • Instant access to followers
  • Lots of organic options for growing your profile
  • No dangerous bots

Pricing: Though TokUpgrade regularly has discounts available to reduce business costs, the standard package generally costs $25 per week, while the premium package is $35 per week. You can cancel your service at any time.

TokUpgrade pricing

Why Use This Tool: TokUpgrade is a great solution if you’re looking for a more natural and organic way to collect followers. You won’t have to worry about any bots harming your reputation.

8. TokSocial

A popular choice for buying real TikTok followers with no spam, fake content, or bots, TokSocial is a great choice for improving your presence online. The service includes access to targeted growth strategies, to help collect the kind of genuine followers who are likely to be interested in your brand.

tiktok followers with toksocial

Easy to use and effective, TokSocial includes things like advanced filters to help you find the right fans, and a dedicated account manager to ensure a greater chance of social success. There’s even analytics to help you track results.

Features include:

  • Targeted growth with audience filters
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support to help you go viral
  • Real results and tracking
  • Simple to use service

Pricing: Pricing for TokSocial starts at $15 per week for the regular plan, with access to smart targeting, real targeted results, an account manager, and 24/7 support. The Pro plan for $25 per week comes with a higher-speed growth strategy.

Why Use This Tool: TokSocial gives you access to an amazing, dedicated account manager, so you can actually get help building a successful strategy for TikTok. You get real quality over quantity with this service.

9. Tok Growth

Another tool for TikTok followers promising organic growth, Tok Growth bypasses common strategies like bots and fake followers to give you the kind of social media upgrade you need. More than 12.7 active users are accessing the platform today.

Tok Growth boosts engagement in your profile, and followers, with specialist help to target the profiles and TikTok hashtags that reach your audience. You’ll receive features like automated likes and comments, 24/7 account management, and a private, secure environment for growth.

Features include:

  • Automated services to save time
  • Secure data protection
  • Safe, fast-growth strategy
  • 24/7 account management
  • Smart algorithm to help you find the right people
  • Global access with multiple languages

Pricing: Though a little more costly than some TikTok follower services, Tok Growth also offers a more advanced strategy. You can access the regular service for $49 per month, or the high-speed option for $99 per month.

Why use this tool: Tok Growth helps companies and influencers on TikTok to earn real followers. Dedicated support from a social media expert ensures you can build a strategy right for your business. There’s even advanced targeting.

10. Social Followers Free

Social Followers Free is a social media services solution designed to make you TikTok famous. You can build targeted strategies for finding real, organic followers, with a “drip-feed” service that allows you to connect with customers at the right pace.

SFF free tiktok followers company

The Social Followers Free website promises real and genuine followers, so you don’t have to worry about destroying your online presence with bots and fake accounts. You’ll also get access to plenty of guidance on the site to assist with growing your online presence.

Features include:

  • Quick and easy access to followers
  • Choose likes and followers based on your needs
  • Free access to drip-feed plans
  • Safe and secure ecosystem
  • No bots or fake followers

Pricing: The Social Followers Free service allows you to get followers for free without any cost at all. However, this service may be a little slower than some alternatives.

Why Use This Tool: Social Followers Free gives you access to exactly what it promises on the label. You can improve your chances of collecting free TikTok followers, without spending a fortune.

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Earning TikTok Followers

When it comes to gaining TikTok followers, nothing compares with the benefits of sharing genuinely interesting, engaging content. The more you work on your social presence with amazing content, the more people will genuinely fall in love with your brand.

However, it can be difficult to achieve the right results when you’re just getting started. Customers are more likely to follow brands that already have an existing audience. Gaining some followers with the tools mentioned above can help to give your profile the initial boost it needs.

TikTok Followers: Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the most followers on TikTok?

Currently, Charli D’Amelio has the most followers on TikTok with over 120 million fans. Other popular names include Loren Gray, Zach King, Bella Poarch, and even Will Smith.

How to get free TikTok followers?

Various tools will give you access to free TikTok followers – though there are some limitations on how much these tools can do. You’ll also be able to earn free TikTok followers by creating amazing content.

How do you get 1,000 followers on TikTok?

Like most social media channels, success on TikTok relies on your ability to create amazing content. The better the content you create, the more likely you are to skyrocket in popularity. Make sure you engage with your audience regularly, too.

What’s the best time to post on TikTok?

This depends on your audience, but most experts recommend posting some time between 10am and 2pm ET if you’re in the United States. Use your TikTok analytics to access more information about when your followers are online.

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