200+ Trending TikTok Hashtags & Best Practices

Elizabeth Schutte

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2022

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As we all know, using the right TikTok hashtags is a key aspect of achieving TikTok fame, or even popularity on the app. But with endless possible hashtags to use on each of your posts, how are you supposed to know which hashtags to use in order to be successful?

If this is a concern you have, then you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices for hashtagging, as well as trending TikTok hashtags and TikTok search options that will help you create the best posts for gaining followers on the app.

What Is A TikTok Hashtag?

trending tiktok hashtag

Let’s start off with the basics – what is a TikTok hashtag? A TikTok hashtag has the same format and function of a hashtag on any other website. In other words, it’s a word, or series of words without spaces following the # symbol. 

And how does it work? TikTok hashtags play an important role in helping users to find videos that are of interest to them. 

We’ll talk more later about the complicated algorithm that TikTok uses, but the app tracks the kinds of videos that each user likes. This information is then used to suggest videos to users that they will be likely to enjoy. 

This means you’ll want to use hashtags on your posts that accurately describe what you’re posting. Think about the types of users you want to attract to your page. What topics are relevant to your ideal followers? Include these topics in your hashtags so that interested users will find your videos. 

Sometimes, it can be a little less personal, though. Trending TikTok hashtags are important to pay attention to, as well. Trends come and go quickly on the app, but you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on any. But, again, we’ll talk a bit more about that later on.

Why Are TikTok Hashtags Important?

tiktok hashtags for dogs

As we just discussed, TikTok hashtags help users to find videos that are of interest to them and, therefore, to connect with accounts that they’d like to follow and interact with. Hashtags are a quick way for the TikTok app and for TikTok users to identify the purpose of your video or the style of your account. Also, they are great for businesses to be searchable and have a famous brand name and logo design.

Five Reasons That TikTok Hashtags Are Important

  • The TikTok algorithm uses hashtags to connect users with videos that are of interest to them
  • Users can utilize the search bar on TikTok to search for a hashtag and watch videos that include that tag
  • Sometimes, users simply scan the hashtags included on a video to determine if it’s something they’re interested in watching, or if they’d prefer to continue scrolling
  • Hashtags control some trends on TikTok, and it’s important not to miss any trends (hence the importance of trending TikTok hashtags)
  • Users can choose to add a hashtag to their “favorites,” so that they can easily scroll through all of the videos under a hashtag that they enjoy

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200+ Trending TikTok Hashtags

#dormtour hashtag

While there are plenty of ways for you to find and create the best hashtags for your account, we’ve compiled a list of over 200 trending TikTok hashtags for you to use as a starting point. Remember that trends can change, but these are some of the hashtags that are viewed most often in various categories on the app right now.

Best Hashtags For Food Videos

  1. #Food

2. #FoodTikTok

3. #Foodie

4. #FoodTok

5. #FoodLover

6. #FoodASMR

7. #FoodReview

8. #FoodChallenge

9. #FoodHacks

10. #FoodBlogger

Best Hashtags For Funny Videos

11. #Funny

12. #FunnyVideos

13. #FunnyMemes

14. #FunnyTikTok

15. #FunnyClip

16. #FunnyComedy

17. #FunnyChallenge

18. #FunnyMoments

19. #FunnyDog

20. #FunnyCat

Best Hashtags For Fashion Videos

21. #Fashion

22. #FashionInspo

23. #FashionTikTok

24. #FasionHacks

25. #FashionTips

26. #FashionBlogger

27. #FashionDesigner

28. #FashionChallenge

29. #FashionStyle

30. #FashionWeek

Best Hashtags For Fitness Videos

31. #Fitness

32. #FitnessMotivation

33. #FitnessGirl

34. #FitnessTips

35. #FitnessChallenge

36. #FitnessModel

37. #FitnessJourney

38. #FitnessLife

39. #FitnessTikTok

40. #FitnessFreak

Best Hashtags For Retail Videos

41. #Retail

42. #RetailProblems

43. #RetailWorker

44. #RetailTherapy

45. #RetailLife

46. #RetailStories

47. #RetailTikTok

48. #WorkingRetail

49. #RetailStruggles

50. #RetailStory

Best Hashtags For Travel Videos

51. #Travel

52. #TravelTikTok

53. #TravelLife

54. #TravelDiaries

55. #TravelBlogger

56. #TravelTips

57. #TravelChallenge

58. #Traveling

59. #TravelVlog

60. #TravelGoals

Best Hashtags For Sports Videos

61. #Sports

62. #SportsLover

63. #SportsCar

64. #SportsChallenge

65. #SportsBike

66. #SportsLife

67. #SportsBet

68. #SportsDay

69. #Sportsman

70. #UKSports

Best Hashtags For Entertainment Videos

71. #Entertainment

72. #YGEntertainment

73. #TikTokEntertainment

74. #EntertainmentPH

75. #MoodEntertainment

76. #AMUEntertainment

77. #MyEntertainment

78. #OnlyEntertainment

79. #TopEntertainment

80. #FullEntertainment

Best Hashtags For Beauty and Makeup Videos

81. #BeautyAndMakeup

82. #MakeupAndBeauty

83. #Beauty

84. #BeautyHacks

85. #BeautyTips

86. #BeautyRoutine

87. #MakeUp

88. #MakeupTutorial

89. #MakeupArtist

90. #MakeupHacks

Best Hashtags For Brand Videos

91. #Branded

91. #BrandedCountry

93. #BrandedBoy

94. #BrandedSquad

95. #BrandedGirl

96. #Brand

97. #Branding

98. #Brands

99. #MiniBrands

100. #DesignerBrands

Best Hashtags For Lifestyle videos

101. #Lifestyle

102. #HealthyLifestyle

103. #LuxuryLifestyle

104. #LifestyleBlogger

105. #RVLifestyle

106. #KetoLifestyle

107. #LifestyleChange

108. #VanLifestyle

109. #GymLifestyle

110. #ArmyLifestyle

Best Hashtags For Home And Garden Videos

111. #Home

112. #HomeDecor

113. #HomeTour

114. #HomeCooking

115. #HomeSchool

116. #Garden

117. #Gardening

118. #GardenProject

119. #GardenTips

120. #GardenLife

Best Hashtags For Parenting Videos

121. #Parenting

122. #ParentingTips

123. #PositiveParenting

124. #ParentingHacks

125. #Parenting101

126. #BadParenting

127. #ParentingHumor

128. #ParentingDoneRight

129. #ParentingHack

130. #ParentingFail

Best Hashtags For Business Videos

131. #Business

132. #SmallBusiness

133. #BusinessTips

134. #BusinessOwner

135. #BusinessWoman

136. #BusinessCheck

137. #BusinessMan

138. #OnlineBusiness

139. #FamilyBusiness

140. #BusinessLife

Best hashtags For Animal Videos

141. #Animals

142. #AnimalsOfTikTok

143. #AnimalsDoingThings

144. #AnimalShelter

145. #AnimalsReact

146. #AnimalsLover

147. #AnimalSanctuary

148. #AnimalsLove

149. #AnimalSounds

150. #AnimalsTok

Best hashtags For Photography Videos

151. #Photography

152. #PhotographyTricks

153. #PhotographEveryDay

154. #PhotographyTips

155. #CrativePhotography

156. #PhotographyIdeas

157. #BudoirPhotography

158. #Photography101

159. #WeddingPhotography

160. #MyPhotography

Best Hashtags For Motivational Videos

161. #Motivation

162. #FitnessMotivation

163. #GymMotivation

164. #MotivationalVideo

165. #Motivational

166. #WorkoutMotivation

167. #MotivationalSpeech

168. #SuccessMotivation

169. #SelfMotivation

170. #LifeMotivation

Best Hashtags For Holiday Videos

171. #Holiday

172. #HolidayVibes

173. #HolidayCovers

174. #HolidayCountdown

175. #HolidayTikTok

176. #HolidayHacks

177. #HolidayBeat

178. #HolidayMusic

179. #HolidayCrafts

180. #HolidayDecor

Best Hashtags For Technology Videos

181. #Technology

182. #FutureTechnology

183. #NewTechnology

184. #ScienceTechnology

185. #InformationTechnology

186. #BlackTechnology

187. #AutomationTechnology

188. #TechnologyTips

189. #SmartTechnology

Best Hashtags For Finance Videos

190. #Finance

191. #PersonalFinance

192. #FinanceTikTok

193. #FinanceTips

194. #FinanceTok

195. #Finances

196. #Finance101

197. #StudentFinance

198. #Financer

199. #TeachingFinance

Best Hashtags For COVID-19 Videos

200. #Covid10

201. #Covid_19

202. #Covid19Virus

203. #Covid19😷

204. #Covid19🦠

205. #Covid-19

206. #Covid19Time

207. #Covid19_

208. #Covid19Challenge

209. #Covid19USA

Best Practices: How To Choose The Best TikTok Hashtags

painting hashtag ideas

The above list certainly includes some great hashtag ideas, but there are, of course, plenty of hashtags beyond the ones in this list that can help you reach your TikTok popularity goals. 

Tips For Selecting TikTok Hashtags

But how can you begin to decide which hashtags are best to include in your TikTok captions? Here are five tips for picking the best TikTok hashtags:

  • See which hashtags TikTok influencers in your niche are using
  • Check out the hashtags on trending and viral videos that you see
  • Pay attention to which hashtags are in the captions of your most liked/viewed TikTok posts – is there a pattern?
  • Choose hashtags that are specific to your niche, but not so specific that only a few users will relate to them
  • Enter your topic in the search bar on TikTok, then swipe to “hashtags” to see which related hashtags are currently trending

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TikTok Hashtag Tools

TikTok hashtag generator

While you can do your research and find the best hashtags for TikTok on your own – and you should do this – there are tools out there to help you along the way as well.

Each tool functions a little differently, but they can all help you to find the best TikTok hashtags to use on your account. Here are three of the leading TikTok Hashtag tools.

1. TikTokHashtags.com

This TikTok hashtag tool from TikTokHashtags.com is pretty straightforward – plain and simple. All you need to do is type a hashtag that you’re planning to use into the search bar, and you’ll be presented with a list of hashtags that are related to your chosen topic. 

Then, all you need to do is copy and paste the suggested hashtags into your next TikTok caption. This tool suggests hashtags that’ll be effective for increasing the popularity of both your posts and your TikTok account in general.

TikTokHashtags.com also has a “top hashtags” feature where you can get info on the currently trending TikTok hashtags. But the best part about this whole website? It’s free (and easy) for anyone to use!

2. Influencer Marketing Hub

Another free tool for generating TikTok hashtags is the TikTok Hashtag Generator from Influencer Marketing Hub. This tool is unique in its approach, as it actually creates specific hashtags for each of your TikTok posts. 

How does it work? All you need to do is open the hashtag generator and upload your TikTok as a video file. The generator will quickly view what you’ve created and then produce a sizeable list of suggested hashtags for you to use.

The neat thing about this feature is that you’re receiving a list of hashtags that are relevant to the specific and unique video that you filmed, increasing the accuracy of the suggestions.

From the list, you can select any hashtags that you’s like to include in your caption, and then you’ll copy them all at once. Now, they’re ready to be pasted into the caption of your next TikTok post. 

3. Tucktools

The third TikTok hashtag generator is, once again, slightly different from the others on the list. The TikTok Hashtag Generator from Tucktools allows you to enter a hashtag or topic that relates to your video, as well as the country in which you or your target audiences are located. 

Based on your selected keyword and country, Tucktools will generate a list of 36 TikTok hashtags for you to use. This tool is uniquely effective thanks to the feature of selecting a target country. 

Knowing your target country will allow the hashtag generator to more specifically design a list of hashtags for you to use. Audiences and trends can differ between various parts of the world, so location is an important factor to take into consideration when using social media – this tool just helps you by doing part of the thinking for you!

What Hashtags Can Get You On The For You Page (FYP)?

#originstory hashtag page

As most TikTok users know, an important TikTok goal to have is getting onto the For You Page (abbreviated: FYP) of your ideal followers. Many users of the app spend a significant portion of their time scrolling through the For You Page, which shows a unique collection of suggested videos to users based on a complicated algorithm that takes into account the interests and activity of each user. 

If users start to see you on their FYP often, or even if they see just one video from you that catches their attention, you’re on your way to upping your popularity. 

Hashtag Tips For Reaching The FYP

But how can you get on the FYP? Well, there are a few different ways to do this using hashtags. 

Watch The Trends

One thing to constantly keep in mind is trending TikTok hashtags. You should always know which hashtags are receiving the most views on the app at any given time. Even if these hashtags aren’t related to your specific video, it can be helpful to include one or multiple of them in your captions. 

Even if the hashtag seems completely unrelated to what you’re posting, go ahead and include it anyway. This can help you reach more viewers, simply because the hashtag is trending. 

What’s Going On In Your Industry?

Beyond the top, generally trending TikTok hashtags, the rest of the hashtags that you should use are specifically related to your account. 

As we mentioned before, TikTok uses a complex algorithm to find videos to recommend to users. This takes into account the previous videos that users have liked and the types of accounts that the users follow or spend time looking at. 

And, you guessed it, hashtags are a very significant aspect of this algorithm. TikTok will take note of the hashtags that appear on the videos that users are liking. So, check out which hashtags are showing up often on the posts of accounts that have similar audiences to yours. 

Check out your competitors and any brands or influencers in your niche. Take note of patterns – which hashtags seem to bring in the highest views and likes? Use this information to select the best hashtags for TikTok success in your industry.

Create Your Own Identity

Finally, you should choose some hashtags that are specifically relevant to your account and the videos you post. These will be different between the various videos that you upload, and that’s a good thing!

You should create some hashtags that aren’t so broad that they’ll get lost among the rest of the posts in your niche, but that also aren’t so specific that no one will understand them. Simply pick a few hashtags that accurately describe the video you’re publishing, and your post will likely reach the TikTok users who will be most interested!

Grow Your Account With The Right Hashtags

Do you feel like an expert on all things related to trending TikTok hashtags and the best hashtags for TikTok yet? We hope that these tips and examples of TikTok hashtags have been helpful and, even more so, that they can help you to grow your TikTok account!

Keep in mind that growth takes time, but, with some patience and strategic posting, you can increase your likes, views, and followers on TikTok using these tips for selecting the best hashtags for TikTok.

And, after you’ve tried it out and seen the results, please come back and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear how our tips and tricks helped you to reach your TikTok goals!

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